Ouisa Project

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (Norton, MA)

Hart brought expertise from all three of its companies to the Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Ouisa Project. With a newly licensed class of innovative RNAi medicines, Alnylam required the design and construction of a drug manufacturing and cGMP warehouse facility.

Hart’s $15.6 m share of the project included process design, mechanical construction, passivation and chemical cleaning.

Hart Design Group was responsible for trade coordination, generating fabrication drawings for all process pipping and additional design development for all in suite process piping work.

Hart installed all process manufacturing piping and utility processing systems. This included the installation of tanks, vessels and framework skids. On this project, Hart utilized its impressive in-house fabrication shop to maximize productivity.

Once set in place, Hart performed process pipe cleaning, passivation and derouging, as well as hydrostatic testing of tank farm tanks and wet layup of synthesizer skids.

Throughout the 16 month project, Hart tirelessly delivered highly coordinated, extremely specialized design, construction, passivation and chemical cleaning services.


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