Hart Passivation

About Us

Hart Passivation offers clients highly specialized cleaning procedures in strict accordance with all industry specifications. Our staff has decades of technical experience and the strongest credentials, assuring an unsurpassed level of customer confidence. Hart Passivation excels in handling the total scope of a project from pre-project engineering, through flow path and procedural development, to a documentation submittal that satisfies all FDA requirements. We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining customer relationships through unmatched dependability, experience and performance.


Hart provides high quality cleaning and passivation in accordance with applicable ASTM and ASME Specifications.

Biofilm Remediation

This service, usually performed on an emergency basis, is done in accordance with industry standards.

Mechanical Polishing/Electro-Polishing

Hart specializes in “on site” mechanical polishing and electro-polishing of vessels.

New Construction of Contract Manufacturing Facility

Lonza (Portsmouth, NH)

Lonza enlisted Hart to perform the cleaning and passivation of all new clean steam, CIP and process piping in their contract manufacturing facility. An “all hands on deck” approach was taken to successfully meet the client’s crucial deadline. Hart was able to complete the $90 k project in a month’s time.